As iconic as this greeting might be, every startup out there arrives at this milestone sooner or later in its life. This is our moment, even if it is more of a silent launch, we are proud to be able to finally reveal our past years hard work. It all boiled down to our shiny new platform, for Enterprise.

Our mission was to “turn swiss army knife Podio into a high precision intelligent tool for any business”, and after countless hours of planning, developing, testing and improving, we are confident that we have just nailed it.

Our services stack showcases almost limitless configurations of dashboards and reports, email management systems, advanced custom workflows, insightful resource planners and document management solutions. A truly intelligent mix of tools for modern day enterprises in the big data world we all live in.

In the upcoming posts you can expect a deep dive into related topics, such as platform news, case studies, solution walkthroughs and the like. That’s why you should follow this blog, in case you love and use Podio just as much as we do 😉