**Vlad, Alex and Jordan (seen here with Willem from Momentum) in the team colours!

We’re delighted to announce that smrtPhone was officially launched to the world last week in Copenhagen and the Citrix offices! The launch is the culmination of almost a year of hard work by the Gamechangers and Swiftpod.io team, and it’s great to finally be able to show the Podio community what we’ve been working on!

Jordan provided a brief presentation on the overall system development and focus for smrtPhone, whilst Vlad provided a comprehensive review of key features, as well as showing off the phone to the room. Andrew (in Canada) called in to demonstrate the system in action too!

There was a great response from the partners in the room, and an even better response from Partners (and normal Podio users) within the Podio community itself.

We’re now busy setting up all of the systems for people who have signed up in the first week, and we’re keen to talk to as many organisations (and Podio Partners) as we can over the coming months to see how smrtPhone can help their organisation’s communication productivity!