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Over 500.000 emails processed every month and growing

* ​the minimum subscription plan requires at least 5 email addresses

The most advanced Email Management Solution for Podio

Our Email Management solution is not yet another email-to-Podio solution, and we pride ourselves on that

Our unique approach to tackle this core aspect of your business is that we begin by analyzing and designing all the email flows in your organization and then we implement and optimize the solution until every email is streamlined and put into its place

We know that your company currently receives a lot of daily emails, spread across multiple domain addresses, employees, and departments

We also know that manually managing them is a very daunting, time-consuming task and human error prone, and, on top of that, your staff currently follows long CC trails in order to figure out what is happening and when

This is where we come in to save the day!

We will provide a fully revolutionary Email Management Solution, that will replace your outdated Outlook-based system of managing emails with a custom and fully automated “conveyor belt” that puts you into total control over all the aspects of your business. Then, we translate them into a workflow that will be 100% integrated into Podio

Our Email Management platform will also cut the neverending CC trails, giving your senior management staff the overview they need in order to make informed and real-time decisions

Our Features include

  • Enterprise Ready Email Management Solution

  • 100% Spam Compliant

  • Custom Email Workflows adapted to every business need

  • Guaranteed Delivery, Fallback & Queueing System - you will never lose an email again

  • Email Tracking - Know when your client reads the email

  • Scalable, High Demand Architecture

  • Real-Time dashboards

  • Automatized email assignment

  • High-End Security

  • SSL Encryption for attachments, connections, transfers

  • Amazon Web Services infrastructure

  • Amazon S3 security for files

With our solution fully implemented, you will find yourself back in control and your staff will have a boost in performance, while managing email streams and collaborating on them, like never before. Overall, this will lead to better results and to a more connected, transparent and secure workplace environment

Our service also features advanced spam protection and it was designed from the beginning as an Enterprise Ready Solution, so large organizations all over the globe already trust us to optimize their emails

Every business is unique, so we are also ready to develop custom extra features, tailored to your company’s specific needs and business workflows

Combined with our RealTime Dashboards for Podio, you will be able to have an analytical overview of your organization’s emails, leading you to make more accurate and business-driven decisions. You will be able to see how many emails are not answered, who is responsible for them, track and improve your staff response rates, and act accordingly in order to have a high-end email solution

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